Help your child in his or her development

Trust your child

Respect your child’s rhythms

Allow your child to be autonomous

Your Role

At the school, the support of parents is critical to the development of the child. To guide you in your role and help you identify our expectations, we have created this page. Here you will find resources to equip you and information to support you in your role.

Your role as parents is:

  • To help your child in his or her development, to trust your child, to respect your child’s rhythms, to allow your child to be autonomous and to spend quality time with your child (or children)

You are therefore encouraged:

  • To incorporate the Montessori method at home by creating a suitable environment for your child. (If you want more information about this, please contact the Director).
  • To work in partnership with the teaching team. You can communicate at all times with the school at or you can make an appointment for a meeting in person. (We ask that you trust your child’s teacher with regards to the educational approach at all times).
  • To attend two or three parent-teacher meetings during the year to stay abreast of your child’s developmental stages.
  • To attend parental evenings organized twice during the year.
  • To attend to the outside activities plan by the parent’s comity.
  • To assist us in putting together materials for use in educational workshops for the children and in making crafts for the holidays.


Parents’ Committee

The parents’ committee is made up of a volunteer group of parents. The purpose of this committee is to enrich the school community. To this end, the Committee suggests activities for the children and is involved in these activities. Some past activities organized in part by the committee are: a winter show, an end-of-year celebration, francophone presentations on various topics, such as music, pottery, yoga, as well as a storyteller and a zookeeper, etc. This committee helps bring dynamism and innovation to school. Its contributions are greatly appreciated by the whole team and by the children.

At La Maison Montessori Kingston community is extremely important and parental involvement plays a vital part. Thanks to the support and involvement of parents, the children’s learning achieved during the day may be continued and consolidated at home.




Contact Us

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Opening Hours: From Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm


At La Maison Montessori Kingston children will learn, apply their knowledge and participate actively in the daily aspects of school and home life. Bases on the famous Montessori quote, “Help me to do it by myself” children learn the various psychological and developmental stages inherent to their age:

  • Autonomy
  • Adaptation to his/her environment
  • Self respect
  • Ecological consciousness
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