At La Maison Montessori Kingston, singing together is an important time for all of us. Through the songs, the children gather and strengthen their French language skills, with joy and good humour. We hope you enjoy hearing your children sing these songs and don’t forget: you can sing along with your children at home too!
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For your viewing pleasure, take a look at these pictures of life at La Maison Montessori Kingston


If you want to know more about the Montessori method, we recommend that you read the following books:
The Absorbent Mind, By Maria Montessori
Scientific Education Volume 1: the children’s house,, By Maria Montessori
Scientific Education Volume 2: elementary education, By Maria Montessori
From Childhood to Adolescence, By Maria Montessori

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Philosophy and Pedagogy

At La Maison Montessori Kingston children will learn, apply their knowledge and participate actively in the daily aspects of school and home life. Based on the famous Montessori quote, “Help me to do it by myself” children learn the various psychological and developmental stages appropriate to their age:

  • Autonomy
  • Adaptation to his/her environment
  • Self respect
  • Ecological consciousness
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