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La Maison Montessori Kingston opened in July 2008. Since then, La Maison Montessori Kingston has been shaped by its community of children who are culturally diverse in their abilities, their interests, and their needs. Our curriculum is internationally recognized and has been implemented at numerous schools in Canada, the United States and throughout the world. La Maison Montessori Kingston is licensed by the Ministry of Education under the Day Nurseries Act.


Our Team

At La Maison Montessori Kingston, all of our team members are certified in First Aid and Infant and Children’s CPR. We are passionate about our work with young children, and we will work together to ensure this new school year is rich in new interpersonal, creative and cultural experiences for the children. Working as a team, we will combine our skills and experiences through the Montessori method, to allow your child to develop to the best of his or her potential.


Tracy Bénéteau de laprairie

Ms. Tracy is the founder and director of Une École Pour Tous in 2008, which became La Maison Montessori Kingston in January 2019. Tracy was born in Martinique and grew up in France. She immigrated to Montreal where she worked as a Montessori teacher before moving to Kingston, Ontario. In addition to her university studies in science, Tracy holds a Montessori Diploma (AMI) for children ages 3 to 6, a Diploma in Early Childhood Education, and a Certificate in Psychology for Children and Adolescents. She is currently completing her training as a daycare director as well as two diplomas in personal and professional NLP coaching. For Tracy, child development is at the heart of all her actions and projects.
Tracy is a member of AMI Canada, France and international.

Mme Tracy
Madame kim

Ms. Kim is originally from Kingston, Ontario and she has travelled in few different countries in Europe during her childhood. She started working with us as an art educator and a Montessori assistant in 2015. She holds a degree in Arts and Sciences from Queen’s University, has completed her training as a Montessori assistant for children aged three to six and is currently training as a Montessori teacher 0-3 years old. Madame Kim is a teacher in the toddlers class and is passionate about early childhood

Madame marine

She was born in France and has been at MMK since May 2017. Marine has accumulated several years of experience working with children of all ages in France and abroad before joining our team. Mrs. Marine began teaching with the toddler class in which she obtained her Montessori diploma 0-3 years. She is now the head teacher of the preschool class and holds the position of assistant supervisor. She is currently undergoing training to become a daycare director.Ms. Marine also has a diploma as an early childhood educator and Montessori training for 3-6 years old.  She loves working with children and supporting them in their development and well-being.

MADAME Marisol

Madame Marisol is originally from Colombia and she started working at MMK as an assistant in September 2020, where she found a real passion.
Currently an apprentice educator, Marisol is training as a Montessori teacher for children aged 3-6 years.
Madame Marisol speaks in French and Spanish daily in the preschool classroom. She brings to the children her sweetness as well as her artistic talent by setting up practical life activities and projects related to the annual events.


Ms. Amy graduated from Sheridan College’s Early Childhood Education Program in 2012. She has experience working with children aged 18 months to 6 years and in multiple areas of special needs. She is originally from South Korea, immigrated to Toronto and then moved to Kingston in September 2020 and started working at MMK in January 2021. She then obtained her Montessori certification for children aged 0-3 in July 2021. Mrs. Amy speaks Korean and English and learns French with the children. Ms. Amy loves working with children to whom she brings her creativity through art, music and dance.




Contact Us

Location: 1134 Johnson St.
Kingston, ON, K7M 2N7
Téléphone: (613) 548-4138

Email: info@uept.ca

Opening Hours: From Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm


At La Maison Montessori Kingston children will learn, apply their knowledge and participate actively in the daily aspects of school and home life. Bases on the famous Montessori quote, “Help me to do it by myself” children learn the various psychological and developmental stages inherent to their age:

  • Autonomy
  • Adaptation to his/her environment
  • Self respect
  • Ecological consciousness
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